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Inventory for sale

Impressive Survivor 250GD, 5-speed 4door

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Impressive Survivor 250GD, 5-speed 4door


Construction year: 1990


This super dry and very classy 4-door spend it's whole life in Southern Europe.

Nicely treated with regular maintenance, and super dry warm weather.

Even the paint in the wheel wells is still Original as is the whole frame which looks absolutely amazing.

The 250GD  5-cylinder engine runs super soft, and the 5-speed gearbox shifts as it should, and also the interior presents itself in a very nicely preserved condition, it even features the jump seats !

This is not " just a 4-door" but a bone dry Original well driving unit, that doesn't come along in this condition very often.   ( but I'm sure you know that by now).

The Ultimate Driver for today's world !

It comes with a clean and clear UT title. Inspections are most welcome.

Available first week of August.

For questions you can gladly contact me. Thank you.


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