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Inventory for sale

Custom "Professional" Turbo Diesel (SOLD)

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Custom "Professional" Turbo Diesel



Construction year: 1983


A rare opportunity to acquire this highly upgraded G-class.

If Mercedes would have had the knowledge and resorces to build it this way in the 80ies ..... they would have done it just like this !

Custom build and upgraded with: 

* OM 606 Turbo Diesel ( 200+hp)

* Mechanical  Diesel pump ( no electronics ! )

* zink and powder coated frame

* new drum and disk brakes

* A/C

* 5-speed transmission

* intercooler

*  barn doors

* "Professional" roof rack

* Hutchinsons rims

* B.F. Goodrich tires

* "Professional" snorkel

* 4 single seats

* Stainless steel exhaust



G-Mercedes 1



G-Mercedes 2



G-Mercedes 3